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Refresh your suede shoes...

If your lovely suede shoes look tired and you would like to give them nice fresh look simply blow hot air for few minutes on them using a hair dryer.

Drying wet footwear..

When you out on rainy weather and your old friends shoes got soaking wet - stuff them with newspaper and leave to dry in natural conditions.

Smelly shoes...

Each of us get smelly sweaty feet from time to time and this affects our footwear; to eliminate the odour in your shoes put few dry tea bags inside the shoes and leave them there for few hours.

Squeaky shoes

New shoes "squeak" occasionally; the simplest method to reduce the squick is to apply some talk powder inside the shoes.

Regular Polish

Your leather footwear will appreciate regular application of quality wax polish. This helps to keep the leather moist, keeping it supple and preventing it from cracking.