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Rucksack Straps Kit

Rucksack Straps Kit

Kit Price

Ref: SW486k

Lined and top stitched, twin adjustable straps to fit onto your own rucksack project. Linked at the top and featuring pre punched leather shapes to attatch to bag. Needle & thread included. Available in any relax colour we do.

Our complete kit includes all of the leather you need, already pre-cut and pre-punched so there is no fiddling about with scissors. We include a special needle and thread, and of course full instructions!

Price: 34.00

What our customers say

Customer Reviews

  Great looking strap  This strap makes a great looking backpack type of bag. The usual lovely soft leather and easy to sew to the bag. My only issue is that because I sell on my bags it is very expensive for me to use. For home makers it is great.   (19/09/2016) -

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