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Pig Skins

Pig Skins


Ref: PSL

A full size pig skin in variety of colours: we have currently the following colours: natural,

Perfect for your projects: the leather is smooth on one side and with suede finish on the other side. You can line with it your handbag, satchel or shoes.

Comes in full size.

*Price per skin.

"From a chemically sensitive lady (relating to the natural pig skin we sell).

I have been very pleased with your pig skins. 2 of them cover a single bed & seem to protect me from the chemicals in the mattress. I can now go on holiday without waking up with a headache & nausea. They fold to fit in a suitcase although I store them flat at home. I do still, however, take a portable air freshener for air borne chemicals.

The leather seats in our car are not a problem for me but I have cut up one of your pigskins to cover the headrest, seatbelt & carpet. No more car sickness." JRS 23.08.2017

I also have a small piece over my computer mouse. I am sure other people with MCS will find other uses for your leather.

Price: 47.00

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