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Mari With our Monet Messenger Bag

Mari from Stitching Odyssey with our Monet Messenger bag sewn by herself from our kit.

Nathalie's Fox Handbag and Foxy purse

16.06.2016: Hello everyone at Simple Way,

I just wanted to show you the things I have made with your off cuts bag. I ordered it to make my husbands 3rd leather Wedding anniversary gift, and intended on making him a picture frame, which I did, but there are so many good off cuts that I made my best friend a bracelet, two keyrings, and a brooch. I have a Sizzix Big Shot and their Bigz dies cut leather, so I could cut heart shapes. My husbands gift is made from leather cut hearts.

I also received your Fox Purse Kit as anniversary gift, which I have just finished. It matches my bag, that I received as a Christmas gift.

Thank you for great service and fabulous products. I have lots of scraps left and lots of ideas.

Yours faithfully,

Nathalie Hardy

Multicoloured Satchel

This gorgeous multicoloured satchel was made by our customer from our Traditional Satchel KIt. Ask us what colours you like...

Nathalie's Leather Art

16.06.2016 Nathalie's lovely Art made from our Leather offcuts.

Briefcase Satchel by Leah

Look at this amazing work done by Leah on the front of our Briefcase Satchel Kit; vivid colours and so much detail: outstanding. The satchel will look so unique.
Leah's Rucksack
This beautiful rucksack was made from our kit by Leah, such an amazing work.

Leah's Monet Messenger Bag II
The gorgeous Monet Messengar Bag II made from our kit (Monet Messenger Bag II Kit) by Leah. Look at the details of her work, so beautiful...

Anna's Satchel

This gorgeous Satchel was sewn by Anna; very neat sewing and such a great colour combinations for the leathers :)

Barbara's Mocassins

A pair of Ladies Leather Moccasins on Barbara's feet : "I'm wearing my lovely nutty brown suede loafers made from your kit, and superbly put together by yours truly if I my say so."